Seeking a Light

Postive Contact

Round Up Resistant


Tentacle Horn

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko bring their work together to create a wearable two-person sculpture built from a trumpet, flexible tubes and fabric that is performed as a musical instrument. The two performers will create tones as they move throughout crowds and manipulate the flexible sonic appendages of the fabric construction.

Garden Movement

In ‘Garden Movement” Thompson will be working with a group of youth in Spring Garden in the stages of develop of her sculpture and for the performance of the final piece. The group will work on creating visual illusions by uncovering new parts of the work with their dance and movement.
She will lead the group to create wearable sculptures which will be unfolded as a series of transformations.

Tent Worm

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko bring their work together to create a wearable two-person fabric sculpture performed as an interactive instrument. A garden of tentacles constitutes a patching interface to control layers of sound.


Hannah G. Thompson is a mixed media artist whose work questions the body and its form with her exploration of wearable sculpture. In her performances, she uses unexpected transformations to create interactions of absurdity and closeness between her and the audience. She uses images founded on, and abstracted from, reality to create personal landscapes that reference the disarray and order present in our everyday lives.

Thompson uses her body to perform her fabric sculptures as a way of serving the audience a sequence of images that raise questions of the unknown and mysterious. In her performances she uncovers new layers and morphs her works with movement. She contends with the constraints she has built herself into, while blooming to soundscapes that she has mixed.

CONNECT /// Disconnect

Connect ||| Disconnect

Hannah G. Thompson will be working in collaboration with electronic sound artist Arvid Tomayko to create and perform wearable fabric sculptures, which unfold and connect to their surrounding installation of fabric sculptures. Our bodies will act as controllers that will manipulate the soundscape based on the relation of the two bodies to the installed sculptures. The sculptures are able to connect to each other via “tentacles” with audio plugs in order to engage with the idea of human emotional and intellectual connections through the media of physical movement and sound manipulation. The sculptures contain surprising hidden elements that unfold as they are performed. The performance follows a directed improvisation format, creating an engaging and constantly changing visual and audio environment. Through the use of sound, movement and visuals we will express a representation of human interaction and what that looks like in 2015.

Other Girls

Other Girls  (Video, Jacksonville, Burro Bar/// 17th February 2015) Fabric, irrigation tubing, spandex bands, sound. Movement based performance of fabric sculptures, which unfolds to a soundscape that is mixed with drum machines and four track tape loops. All photos of Other Girls taken at “In Dreams” in Charleston SC, by Iveta Butler.

Two Mako Sharks

Hannah G. Thompson and Arvid Tomayko bring their work together to create a wearable two person fabric sculpture performed as an interactive instrument.

Onley.Tonight Toured with this project in 2013 Developed this project over the duration of several residencies. The first at Future Tenant in Pittsburgh, PA, the second and The Mine Factory in Pittsburgh, PA and Franconia Sculpture Park in St. Croix, MN.

Flora/ Fauna

No Rave/ Null Rave


Trespass: Residency



Garfield Listening Project

Garfield Listening Project   Garfield Listening Project, (Recorded audio matched and edited to video installed in Fabric sculpture, speaker in phone) installation digitally recorded oral history of Garfield area accompanied with video, documenting conversations with residence of the Garfield neighborhood. Duration: 6:13 minutes.   This work is a multi-media installation that examines a community in … Continue reading Garfield Listening Project

Divide of Sabras

The Jungle

The Jungle An environment created to brings an experience of a jungle into an indoor space. To be in a lush looking space in the middle of a city setting may remind the viewer of our reliance on trees. I hope to spark conversation about the dire straights our world is in and our resources … Continue reading The Jungle

Lost In Time Travel Surrounded by Evil

  This image is the cover to a fully illustrated hand printed book.

Separate Realities

Separate Realities This piece was performed in a space that was altered by installed fabric sculptures. The audience entered a space where there were physical separations surrounding them. On either side of the fabric landscape there were domes that created separately lite environments. This separation of space is a metaphor about the separation that we, … Continue reading Separate Realities

Lady Pharaoh and the Phat Moms


Keepers of the Woods

Keepers of the Woods

Keepers of the Woods A created environment based on a narrative where the forest was slowly being eaten by mold and the creatures were planning how to save themselves and way of life. I often work to bring outside experiences and environments to inside spaces.     In this environment there were a series of … Continue reading Keepers of the Woods


Tomorrow Mixed Media Installation, 30’x22’, Installed at Artist Image Resource. In Tomorrow, the crows chase the pigeons out of the city, representing an assertion of power and class struggle. This is a metaphor for the gentry buying into the city and displacing long-time residents.


Photo credit: Katie Krulock


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