Working For a Cleaning Company Or Finding Your Own House Cleaning Job?

It is always amazing how much money people can make by doing things that other people won’t do. For example, you can make a very good living from taking house cleaning jobs. Yes, it might not be glamorous and it is a lot of hard work but when Castle Cleaners – House Cleaning Services in Houston TX  you have dollar signs flashed in front of you, it makes the effort worthwhile.

Even in bad economic times, people need the comforts of home. They need a clean house. Do not forget too, that they also are working jobs in their areas of expertise so they just don’t have time to clean and organize their house. This is where you come in to make their lives easier. What one person does not like to do, another person will do the job if the price is right.

Speaking of prices, if you are thinking of getting in the house cleaning/house keeping industry, you have to decide whether you want to work for a cleaning company or strike it out on your own. There are benefits and drawbacks to both.

If you work for a house cleaning company, it will be a lot easier to get house cleaning jobs as the company just sends you to wherever you need to go. If you work for your own cleaning business, then it might be harder finding clients. A lot of clients prefer the safety of going through a big company due to the fear of having a stranger in their house. It makes the clients feel safer that the company has already conducted criminal background checks on the cleaners on their behalf. If you want to get your own home cleaning jobs, make it easier on yourself and get bonded. Also, have on hand lots of references stating how reliable, hard working and honest you are.

The benefit of having your own house cleaning business is that you get to keep the profits for yourself. While a cleaning company will send you out to do the work, they will take a huge cut of the profit as well. Since you will have a lower overhead, you won’t need to charge your clients as much as the bigger companies making your prices very attractive. And despite charging lower rates than other home cleaning companies, your take home pay would still be higher than what you get working for someone else.

It might be hard to get house cleaning jobs on your own in the beginning but once you get a client base and word gets around of your cleaning services, things will get easier. Pretty soon, you’ll have more jobs lined up than you’ll know what to do with and you’ll need to expand!


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