Why Your Packaging Is So Important In Business

So you are starting a new business and you have a great product and know it can be a hit in the marketplace, but you take the lowest cost option and decide to ship it in just a plain brown cardboard box – as after all your product is likely to become a market leader so why worry about the packaging?

Unfortunately if you do this your product launch may just nosedive, as in the current retail market image can be everything. So your product packaging can make or break your business.

These days in retail sales image is everything, in fact many brands that have “Re-branded” have seen sales drop and not increase. And a lot of this is down to product packaging. If you get your product packaging right then it can skyrocket your sales.

You have to think of your product packaging as a walking sales advert custom electronic cigarette . If for example you are selling shoes, and your shoebox is classed by kids as “Cool” then they will keep the box and their friends will all see it.

Previously they would have just thrown this packaging away – yet now they choose to keep it (So their friends can see what they have bought), and hence simple packaging becomes a great sales tool.

So when you are shipping your goods you could increase sales by getting a packaging design consultant on board,and work towards creating your packaging design such that it helps to build your brand.

Buying great packaging these days does not cost the Earth, you can buy custom made cardboard boxes printed with your logo for only a few pennies more than buying a plain cardboard box.

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