What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Working as a psychotherapist I primarily address issues related to recovery from addiction and substance abuse. Most clients seek treatment because they either feel they have a problem with substances and they can no longer cope with it on their own. Other clients seek treatment because someone in their life believes the person has a substance related problem which needs to be addressed and requires therapeutic treatment.

In the second instance it is also quite Get Xanax Online common to meet clients who are in some way involved in the criminal justice system but do not necessarily feel they have an addiction or a substance abuse problem. In the therapeutic context whether a person believes they have a problem with substances may be relevant to the course of treatment. However, when a person Buy Xanax Online enters the criminal justice system it is irrelevant whether that person believes or admits to having a substance related problem.

Standards administered to those entering the criminal justice system adhere to specific guidelines and laws regarding an individual’s possession of drugs and, or driving while under the influence. Those guidelines do not consider whether or not a person believes they have a substance abuse problem, or if they merely use drugs recreationally. Specifically the legal system views anyone who uses any prescribed medication without prescription as unlawful and punishable and severely penalizes anyone holding in their possession any amount beyond that which is allowed for prescribed usage.

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