What is a Twelve-Step Support Group for Sex Addiction?

Twelve-step sex addiction support groups are one of the more common types of support groups. Many people prefer the structure and systematic approach the Twelve-step programs take to sexual addiction recovery. These programs provide sex addicts with a proven system to overcome their addiction. The support groups provide addicts with a forum to express themselves in a safe, supportive and understanding environment. In general, the Twelve-step programs are based on the successful Alcoholics Anonymous model. There are, of course, some variations among groups. Some take a faith-based approach while others simple ask that the addict embrace a higher power.

Since these support groups are a part of the Twelve-step sex addiction recovery programs, the first step to finding a support group best suited to your Mcleodganj escorts needs, is to find a recovery program that is a good fit for you. Not all Twelve-step programs will meet your needs. Everyone is different. Therefore, you may have to search around for a while until you hit upon one where you feel comfortable. Also, it is important to keep in mind you may not be ready to attend a support group right away. If this is the case, you should work closely with your therapist or counselor until you reach this point in your recovery. It is suggested you attend different groups and attend at least 6 meetings before you decide whether 12 step support is right for you.

The benefit of a Twelve-step support group is you will find support at each step of the way from people who have been there. Sharing your experience with a group of people who are going through the same emotions, thoughts, fears and struggles can be an extremely beneficial healing process. You will gain insight from recovered sex addicts and relate to people who are struggling alongside you.

According to the Sex Addicts Anonymous website, “the steps are more than a series of exercises. They provide basic principles for living. Most of us find opportunities on a daily basis to apply one or more of the steps to some challenge in our life. Over time, the spiritual principles in the steps become integrated into our thoughts, feelings, and behavior. We find we are not only working the steps – we are living them. ” The site also points out that “attending SAA meetings starts us on a new way of life. But while the SAA fellowship supports our recovery, the actual work of recovery is described in the Twelve Steps. Meetings are forums for learning how to integrate the steps into our lives. “

The systematic approach to the Twelve-step program will give you a sense of direction that other support groups may lack. It is not right for everyone, but if you are considering enrolling in a Twelve-step recovery program, then you will want to consider looking into the support groups as well.

Search online to find out more information about Twelve-step programs and their respective support groups. Many are open to the general public, but it is best to call ahead. Some are closed to members and others are gender or faith specific. Calling ahead or doing some simple research online will save you some time and effort.

There are 3 major 12 step programs for sex addiction. Sexaholics Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and Sex Addicts Anonymous, research them online, see which resonated best with your needs then attend a few meetings to see if this type of support is for you.

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