War – What Can You Say About It

War: what can you say about it? What can anyone say about it really? War has been around since the beginning of time. It has evolved in a sense. Looking back to the beginning of time it has grown from mere fisticuffs, to swords, to the bow and arrow, to… well why not just jump ahead to the XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System, or “I-A-W-S”. Yes war has evolved, yet the causes of war have remained the same.

What would YOU fight for? What would cause you personally to go to war with another country? Could it be religion? Territory? To re-acquire resources that were at one point taken from you?

Perhaps you are the taker; you see an opportunity in the next country over. There is something of great value to you in that country that you feel “rightfully” should belong to you. The wonderful thing for you is that this country is much smaller in every way. Your target has a much smaller population. It has a smaller economy and of course they are smaller in the most important area for your plan to succeed… the military.

Today, in many parts of the world this scenario is taking place as you read this. The most publicized right now would be the Ukraine/ Russia conflict.

I could go into a long drawn out timeline of events that would probably begin August, 1991. This is when the Ukrainian parliament declared independence from the USSR following an attempted coup in Moscow. In a nationwide referendum in December, it was a 90% vote for independence. 90. Almost all voters were in favour of independence.

Fast forward to today and all of a sudden the closer you are to the border with Russia the shorter your memory is of how bad things were. Speaking of today, the world is hearing all about the latest in a long line of tragedies. News agencies from all over the world are clamouring at the bit for the latest update to the downing of a Malaysian Airliner that reportedly was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. According to BBC News this Boeing 777 was carrying 295 people; including a crew of 15. All parties that could have been responsible have denied any responsibility. This tragedy is the second one this year for Malaysia still morning the inexplicable loss of flight MH 370 earlier this year.

According to a BBC World News report, the Ukrainian Government has called this an “Act of Terrorism”. The rebels have denied any responsibility.

Russia’s response was quite curious. Russian emergency services have reportedly asked the Ukrainian government for permission to work at the crash site. One might wonder why a country that recently annexed a portion of the Ukraine, Crimea would be given permission to enter that same country to investigate an airliner crash site that the Ukraine suspects them of having some form of responsibility for. Whether it be supplying the weapons to the rebels, or firing the weapons themselves. That would be contamination of the evidence, and if they were responsible for the crash than possibly attempting to better control the story that is told to the people at home in Russia.

Russia is a country that seems to believe them-selves to be the rightful party to investigate this tragedy. A country that has been accused of supplying “Pro-Russian Rebels” with powerful weapons they may never have had on their own. A country that in the past week, have been accused of shooting russia Ukraine war down a cargo plane, a Ukrainian fighter jet and now a jumbo airliner from Malaysia. And now Russia would like to investigate this terrible event for who, and why? Is it for Malaysia? Is it out of the goodness of their hearts? That is certainly possible.

You may think after reading this article that I have a hate on for Russia. The truth is, no I do not. I am looking at facts and the latest developments. True facts. Not the “facts” that are told to the Russian people through state run media.

Once they annexed Crimea from Ukraine, Russia amassed approximately 40,000 troupes at the border the two countries share. This is a standard procedure after deciding to take over a chunk of land from another country. Most countries in Ukraine’s position would retaliate in some way or push back. Ukraine could not. Timing was perfect for Russia. Once it was obvious the retaliation would not come Russia decided to pull back the troupes after an abundance of international pressure to do so.


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