Top 3 Credit Cards For Fair Credit

Credit card issuers are reacting to the recent trend of lower credit scores across America. In the wake of the current mortgage crisis consumer’s credit scores have been steadily falling in certain segments of the population. This means that the competition for credit cards for fair credit is heating up between the bank issuers and this means better deals for consumers. We have outlined, what we feel, are the best credit cards for fair credit on the market below.

1) Citi® Platinum Select® MasterCard – The Citi Platinum Select Card is one of the editor’s favorite for those applicants whose credit rating is fair. This card has a balance transfer feature of 0% APR for 6 months and interest rates as low as 9.99%.

The Citi Platinum Select Card offers a few platinum benefits to include car rental insurance, fraud protection, and up to $1,000,000 in travel insurance. All in all, this card has some of the best all-around features for credit cards for fair credit.

2) Bank of America® Accelerated Rewards(TM) – This credit card is designed for those with fair average credit and offers a 9.9% FIXED interest rate. On top of that, you can transfer balances from your old credit cards and get 0% APR for up to 12 months. There is no annual fee attached to this card either, which is common for credit cards for fair to average credit.

Using the reward program, card holders will get 1.25 points for every dollar they spend. The points are applied to cash rebates, brand-name merchandise, travel with no blackout dates, discounts at hotels, and gift certificates. If you add in theft protection and a personal concierge service you have a pretty good card for people with fair to average credit.

3) ESPN Total Access Visa® Card – This credit card issued by Washington Mutual is probably the most popular credit card for fair credit that we offer. The low interest rate and the reward program that it offers to sports enthusiast is unbeatable. Card holders earn 5 points for every dollar they spend that can be used at the ESPN Shop, ESPN Zones, and ESPN Sports Concierge Service.

In addition the ESPN benefits, cardholders have access to other how to start a payment processing company rewards like VIP access to sporting events, retail, dining and travel rewards. If you are a sports lover with fair to average credit this is your credit card. Oh, and by the way, the interest rate is 9.24% and you get 6 months at 0% for balance transfers!

Twelve months ago credit cards like these were reserved only for those with good to excellent credit. Now with competition what it is these cards are available for people who have a few bumps on their credit report. Keep in mind, credit cards for fair credit are different than credit cards for “bad credit”. The typical person that has fair credit, for the most part, pays their bills on time, but may have a few late payments over a long period of time.

If your credit is below “fair to average” your choices have gotten better as well. The Continental Finance Gold MasterCard® is offering a card for those applicants with poor credit with APR’s as low as 9.75%! The Orchard bank offers a similar card with a slightly higher rate but better terms and benefits.

A well managed credit card is a great way to rebuild or repair your credit. The key is to apply for the card and never use it. Most people think that you have to charge and pay-off debt for the card to show on your bureau. This isn’t the case at all, a credit card that is reported to the bureaus when the account is opened and an open account with a zero balance will boost your credit better than a card with a balance.

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