Television Shows That Maintain Their Brilliance Through Repeat Viewings

There are certain shows that after viewing once, you never need to see again. This is not a list of those shows. The following are all television series that retain their entertainment value upon multiple viewings.

The Simpsons is on most people’s lists of top 10 favorite shows. There is a reason it has been on for 20 seasons and shows no signs of throwing in the towel. I used to homeland project free tv videotape every episode I could, however I did not know that DVD box sets were going to exist!

Another show that finds its way on most people’s “best of TV” lists is Seinfeld. IT is no coincidence that it is syndicated on multiple channels daily, over a decade after the last official episode aired.

If you have never watched Showtime programming, then you are missing out. One of televisions best shows is Dexter, and I never grow tired of watching a Dexter episode. Just be sure not to watch with children.

Another great show to watch old episodes of is Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. As long as you don’t know the answers to the questions being asked, it is very entertaining.

The Office is a great show that retains its value after multiple viewings. I think this is due to the fact that while it technically is chronological, that doesn’t really matter. Every episode is funny, but the earlier seasons are the best.

If you are a fan of food, then you will not grow tired of a show like Top Chef Masters. These masters of the kitchen whip up some insanely inventive dishes under grueling circumstances. If you are part of the female audience, another show that you can watch over and over is Friends. All girls seem to like this show, and if you are a guy, you should know it isn’t half bad.

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