Should you Take a Bootcamp With RSD? (Real Social Dynamics)

In the last few days I’ve been going through sort of a rough patch, I took a 2500$ bootcamp with Julien from RSD (Real Social Dynamics), this is a 3 day weekend in-which an instructor from the company RSD comes to visit in your town and you basically tear up the city while he teaches you more about yourself and pushes you 10 times further then what you thought you are capable of.

Basically I’ve spent the last few weeks earning the money for the bootcamp and up until the last-minute I wasn’t even sure it was going to happen (I only Dharamshala call girls took the money from the bank in euros at the morning of the bootcamp), I was scared shitless that it won’t happen and that I’ll lose my dream opportunity.

Eventually December 15th came and I was scheduled to go to bootcamp with Julien right after the free lecture he gives before every bootcamp in each country he visits; I got to the event 2 hours early just in case, everybody was pretty excited for me and I myself was nervous as hell but still very happy!

Finally Julien came, it was like a dream coming true, I was actually going to meet my idol! it turned out he’s just a regular guy who put a lot of work into this area of expertise and got amazing at it.

We all sat down and got ready for an awesome lecture!

After the lecture ended we drove to the apartment where Julien was staying for an intro-briefing before the bootcamp begins, once we got there I was left alone in the car to park it and rendezvous at the apartment. Unfortunately for me in the city of Tel-Aviv finding parking is next-to-impossible, especially in the more narrow streets where the apartment was located.

What ended up happening is I searched for parking for about 25 minutes, I got really REALLY nervous because I just paid 1725€ and I was about to lost the beginning of the first night, and as I was driving I began to turn left when suddenly I saw a free parking spot a little further from the street where I was before I began turning, I immediately stopped to reverse my car but I was so nervous I ended up backing-up into another car (NOT FUN), we exchanged numbers and I ended up paying him 200$ in damages just yesterday.. (this is actually the last memory I have from the bootcamp, awesome souvenir.. I guess).

Anyway I finally found an extremely overpriced parking spot and decided to park there, after some guidance from random pedestrians I finally found the apartment, I ran up all happy and met up with Julien, the other bootcamp student, and the 2 bootcamp instructors that were with us called Moran and Alex (and of course Boaz), anyway I paid in cash and we finally sat for the opening briefing.

Night 1:

Julien introduced us to the bootcamp (“Welcome to.. the bootcamp! “), outlined some basics for the night and what we should be focusing on, after we finished the briefing we went outside to the bars area, we started bar hopping, I was honestly amazed at Julien’s level of abundance and skills with women, it was really unlike anything I’ve ever seen, he basically charmed every single girl who talked to him, I would see this guy making out with girls in less than 5 seconds and it honestly blew my mind away.

We’ve toured the city and hopped around different bars and dance bars, as the night progressed I found out more and more how my idea of approaching a girl was so boyish and how (to quote julien) 10/10 game looks, towards the end of the night Julien forced me to approach the girls with extremely dominant breaking-rapport tonality, while trying to be as boring as possible and only showing authority, he calls this his “fat, old, disgusting, balding, sweaty CEO frame”, my mind was literally blown-away as i was approaching girls simply yelling in the most breaking rapport tonality I could “HEY, YOU, WHO ARE YOU, COME HERE, WHAT’S YOUR NAME, HOW OLD ARE YOU” and the girls would simply melt.

At the end of the night he quickly briefed me about what to do when i get home, he also instructed me to stay in the bar for another half hour and burn the whole room (approach every single girl there), I actually went up to a gorgeous 27 years old Persian girl, she was slightly drunk and all her friends had already left.. She was really into me and my CEO dominance but I ruined it by calling some girls who rejected me earlier in very profane words and Persian-girl got really mad and told me to apologize.. Instead of putting my ego aside I didn’t apologize to them, I tried calming her down for a few minutes but ended up walking away after not managing to relax her, this was the end of the first night of bootcamp..

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