Romantic Anniversary Present Ideas For Less

Have an amazing anniversary on-the-cheap with these tips

How many times have you taken your sweetheart out for a night on the town, only to realize the next day that you’ll be paying for it for months?


It’s tempting to go all-out for special occasions like anniversaries, but you can treat the one you love to a very romantic evening for less than you’d think. Here are tons of cheap and free activities and presents to get you started!

A New Romantic Hypothesis

First off, it’s time to face the facts: A flower bouquet is unimaginative. I mean, it’s a bunch of dead plants! This just won’t cut it anymore, unless you’re trying to say something like, “Here honey, have a token of my love and appreciation: beautiful red roses that will look pretty and hopefully smell decent for approximately 18 hours before fading and drooping … stems you’ll feel obligated to keep on your desk far longer than you should because you know they cost me more than our last dinner out, only to trash them exactly 4 days later — probably a few hours after they really start rotting. Sigh — isn’t it romantic?”

Sarcasm aside, it’s time to redefine romance. InventHelp How about some everlasting roses made with your very own hands? (This will likely require a little sweat, too, which – frankly — will mean a lot more than your last-minute jaunt to the florist.) Go ahead, commit to making a dozen of them. Any old paper will do. Deliver them with a personalized love letter and you’ve concocted a potion for a perfect anniversary celebration.

If you’re not the crafty type, home made gift cards and coupons are another frugal gift. You can also DIY by making a big stack of love coupons or a mini-scrapbook of how you met. Burn a CD of your favorite love songs. Wrap yourself in a bow with some chocolate and whipped cream. Make a collage of things you’ve done together over the years (invitations and mementos, concert ticket stubs, a branch from that tree you planted together … clean out the junk drawers and other collection areas of your house for good fodder for this project).

The point is, it’s not the money you spend on a present that makes an anniversary romantic — it’s the time, thought and effort you put into each element of the evening. There are tons of Websites out there that collect offers for free samples, merchandise and other stuff. Check out free offer sites online and other deal hubs, and put together a gift basket of free lotions & skincare products you know your significant other will love. “It’s the thought that counts,” was never truer than on your special day.

Frugal Dining
The candlelit dinner for 2 remains an integral part of the equation. Remember all those fancy dishes you never use that are just collecting dust in the cabinet? Grab them and whip up a creative culinary concoction.

If kitchen skills aren’t on your resume, prepare an elegant meal of grilled cheese sandwiches (with a few potato chips on the side to up the class factor, of course). Sprinkle a dozen cheap floating candles;around the dinner table and you’ve got the recipe for a delicious meal.

Enticing Entertainment
How does one celebrate an anniversary without spending tons of money on going to a show or event? Watch your wedding video together (or hey, make a new home movie). Seriously, what’s more romantic than a quiet evening at home reviewing your vows of commitment to each other? Top off the program by rewriting and renewing them. (You don’t have to be a poet, just sincere!)

Another idea is to start an anniversary tradition by planning a photo shoot that captures who you are as a couple the 1st, 2nd, 3rd … 33rd year you’ve been together. Digital cameras make this an easy (and free) project. Do it at home, or photograph yourselves at some of your favorite places. If you don’t have a camera with a timer, recruit a friend for this portion of the evening. Just spend an hour taking silly pictures together. Have fun, dance, laugh, kiss. If they turn out terrible, you can always hit the delete button.

You could also rent popular movies from the years each of you were born or the year you got together. Or take a walk after dark. Stargaze. Spend time talking and relaxing. Turn off your cell phones and computers and revel in each other.

These are just a few inventive ideas to help you save money while you celebrate. And they all go to show that you can keep your wallet in your pocket (after all, isn’t that what Mom always said to do?) and make memories that last a lifetime.



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