Mace and Pepper spray

Mace spray and Pepper spray are the best self defense products available in the market today. Both sprays are very effective in serious situations. But there are some differences between both products.Some of the differences are:

1.Pepper spray contains a powder like ingredient which is a composition of capsicum oleoresin and OC gases while mace spray components is a composition of aerosol and CN gas.

2.The use of pepper spray does not require any training while the use of Mace spray requires training.

If the body of the attacker comes in exposure Lost Mary with these sprays it gets effected. Generally the effects of Pepper spray are more strong than Mace spray.

Physical effects of Mace: It generally effects six parts of the body

Nervous system: It temporarily effects our nervous system. The symptom includes headache,

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 confusion and discomfort.

Eyes: The symptoms includes tears, burn sensation.

Chest: The symptoms include sneezing and coughing.

Nose: The symptoms includes discharge and irritation.

Mouth: The symptoms includes increase in saliva secretion.

Skin: The symptoms includes burning sensation and itching.

Effects of Pepper spray: The effect of Pepper spray generally occurs on four body organs. These are:

1.Respiratory system: The symptoms include swelling of throat, difficulty in speech, improper functioning of larynx.

2. Eyes: The symptoms includes complete closure of eyes because of the shrinkage of eye capillaries. The effect is so intensed that it penetrates the contact lenses and eye glasses.

3.Skin: The symptom includes irritation on skin.

4.Muscles: The symptom includes loss of balance because of lack of muscles coordination.

First aid for Mace and Pepper spray: If you have accidentally sprayed the spray on your own body then follow the following first aid steps:

Do not get scared.

Move away to a breezy place. Fan can acts as a breeze source.

Wash the affected area with cold water.

After that use some antiseptic creams. Do not use oil or grease because they reacts very soon with tear gas and the resulting product will increase the burn feeling.

If your eyes have been exposed to spray then wash them frequently with cold water. Do not rub the eyes.

Remove the contact lenses if you are wearing after proper cleaning of hands.

The person who are giving first aid to the affected person must wear gloves to avoid any possibility of infection.

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