Low Back Pain Treatments – Alternative Therapy

A common manifestation that is found in persons of all ages and in all countries around the world, low back pain, for so many reasons, seems to emerge out of nowhere to reek havoc on our daily lives. The degree of pain experienced among low back pain sufferers runs the gamut from mild to increasingly severe levels.

Over time many Rechargeable Heating Scarf experiments have been conducted to find out which treatments really work best at providing pain relief. Below I have listed a few ways that can be beneficial in finally finding relief.

Heat Wrap Therapy For Your Back Pain

One of the most popular low back pain treatments is exercise therapy. The problem with this type of therapy is that most who undergo this treatment experience pain. Some will complain of pain during the exercise, while others will feel some form of discomfort afterwards. To alleviate this problem and to help you get the most out of your exercise, the use of heat wrap therapy has been made to help make your activity comfortable for to benefit from. Using a heat therapy wrap will significantly lessen your pain during exercise.

The McKenzie Method

The McKenzie method is one latest low back pain treatments being used today. More than just a series of exercises, the McKenzie method is a combination of physical therapy and exercises used to lengthen the spine. The method is based on algorithms that are used to clarify the spinal problem so that adequate treatment can be obtained. Many pain centers today are utilizing this form of therapy in their treatment programs. Although doctors do recognize this as valuable form of treatment, further consultations must be made before starting this type of program.

Prolotherapy: A Non-Surgical Alternative

A medical techniques used for treating low back pain, Prolotherapy is a technique that helps to stimulate the bodies natural healing process. The treatment involves a series of injections that produces inflammation in the troubled area. Meant to provide permanent relief, if you are facing spinal surgery, this may be an alternative solution for your back pain. Prolotherapy would also be highly effective in combination with other types of pain management programs.

Electrotherapy Stimulation

Of all the low back pain treatments available today, electrotherapy is perhaps the most controversial. Not limited to it’s on the back alone, electrotherapy stimulation produces significant results in other types of pain. How it works is endorphins, the natural pain killer of the body, are released through a series of electrical currents being passed on to the skin to block the nerve signals which transmit the pain. Controversial as it may be, many have found great relief through electrotherapy.

Finding alternative back pain treatments may be the key to finally finding relief from your troubling pain. Remember to always seek the advice of a doctor before starting any kind of pain management therapy.

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