Home Water Filter Systems – What Choices Do I Have?

Apart from using a standard worktop filter to help clean your drinking water, there are other types available that do the filtering without you even knowing they are there. These discrete systems connect direct to your water supply and do their work before reaching your tap so you can guarantee that every mouthful will be pure, clean, filtered water.

A system for your whole house is designed to perform several stages of filtering before the hot and cold water leaves your tap. A first filter will remove sediment, bacteria and common minerals such as lead, mercury or asbestos that are not usually needed in drinking water from your taps. This essentially does the same job as a counter top filter jug. Additional filters can remove rust from your system, keeping it in top condition and sometimes additional filters are added to remove other chemicals such as chlorine, where it is present in the local water supply.

These filter systems are very convenient and once installed, perform very well, with filters only needing to be changed every 6 months or so. The draw back is that they are expensive to install and require a high initial outlay to implement.

As an alternative for your entire home, a point of use system can be installed to one or more outlets, typically a sink faucet in the kitchen. These handy systems are whirlpool vs ge water softener great for selected areas of the home. Why would you need water filtered for your shower, for example, when the real benefit would be seen in the kitchen.

With a point of use water filter system, the connection is made between the water inlet pipe and the faucet, forcing the water through a number of filters before it gets to your glass. These filters can range from simple, cheap water filtering processes to more complex multi filter systems, sometimes using up to 5 filters to achieve the desired level of processing.

Similar to the whole house models, the filters are designed to remove trace chemicals and elements from your water before drinking. Depending on the area of the country you live, they can also be enhanced to handle additional chemicals as required. For example, you may wish to add a filter to improve the hard water in your area. Some point of use systems allow you to daisy chain different filters together to achieve the exact blend of filters for your home.

Choosing the right type of solution for your home can be tricky if you are not sure which one to go for. If you are more concerned about removing chemicals such as iron to reduce rust in your system, then a whole house version is the right choice for you. Those of you who are looking to use cleaner water for drinking and cooking will be happier with a point of use system as they are designed only for a single tap and are much cheaper to install and maintain. If you are not looking to perform an installation, the only other option you have is to continue using a filter jug, or use a refrigerator with a built-in water dispenser with a filter.


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