Home Business Idea – T-Shirt Designs

There are many things that you can do and work from home earning money. Just about everyone would love to have a home bases business. One of these can be a t-shirt design business where you design, sell the t-shirts. This can be done online, flea markets or just designing them for businesses and they would be the ones to print them.

Starting your T-Shirt Design Business

You will need to get a business license and ideas. If you are going to have them screen printed at home, or take them somewhere, you will need to get blank t-shirts. If you are planning on selling them online, you won’t need to get the blank shirts.

Selling them yourself

You first need to get several designs of t-shirts saying, you can sexy high waisted bikini do inspirational, funny or custom designs that are uniquely yours. You can then send the design to an online printer and for a fee they will print on their t-shirts or ones that you supply. This varies with different companies. You can also check for screen printers in your area that will screen print for you. Doing it this way you will have money invested in your business with supplies and money put out for printing services. You can learn to screen print yourself, saving some money.

Having a Vendor Print and ship

There are many sites online that you can upload the designs to and they will print on demand when someone orders them and taking a percentage of the sales. With this type of business, you will only have to upload the design and everything else is done for you, from the printing to the packing and shipping. When you earned enough money they will send you your profits. You can put your designs on several different sites, and even RSS feed them into your own site and sell them from your site. If you upload your designs to places that will handle it all on the website, the way to make the most sales would be if you advertise it and promote the t-shirts to get more people to the site to purchase them.

You can choose to do either way. The best way to make the most money would be to have many different designs that will give people choices to choose from. No matter which way you decide to market your t-shirts, with the right design and the right marketing you will be successful.

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