Goose Hunting Guides – 7 Tips To Select The Best One

Goose hunting guides are those who already have several years of bird hunting behind them. As a result, they have gained immense knowledge about the exact locations where the birds are to be found each season and the best strategies to use to trap the geese. They an therefore provide a successful hunting season.

Before you go ahead and pick up anyone and everyone https://ammoshopinc.com/product-category/rifle-ammo/6-5-grendel-ammo/ who claims to be a guide as your personal guide, here are some things to bear in mind when selecting goose hunting guides–

(1) Many hunting areas do not offer official goose hunting guides–they are self-styled guides. Ask them to provide references. Better still, if you know other hunters who have been on such hunts, ask them to give you referrals. You can be assured of getting a trustworthy guide, and the guide is assured of getting an honest person who will reward him suitably for services rendered. For efficient guides, customer satisfaction is of prime importance.

(2) When looking for a guide, you should be absolutely clear about what you want. If the hunt is only for a day, a day guide should suffice. If you wish to stretch the hunt to a few days or even a week, it would be advisable to take the help of full service resorts. These places provide everything from goose hunting guides to ammunition to lodging. Additionally, you are offered the option of choosing a guide who uses a style of hunting that matches your own hunting style. Individual conversations with the guide, outlining your specific needs and requests, will ensure that there is total clarity about the hunt.

(3) Since goose hunting guides are able to read weather conditions accurately, your guide can correctly select the type of hunting supplies and equipment as well as camouflage that you will need to carry with you.

(4) Some of them have permission to use large lease areas for hunting. So if the weather in one place is not suitable, they will take you to a different location.

(5) What can you expect from goose hunting guides? Like many others, your guide would also be an early riser, starting his day at 4 a.m. or even earlier. This is necessary to make sure that you are settled at the selected place before dawn. In fact, your guide would have already scouted the area much before the actual date of the hunt. You can trust him completely to set you up at the proper hour in the right location, and even set up the blinds much before the birds actually arrive. He is after all an expert about the flight patterns of the geese, the locations where they can be found, and their feeding times during the day.

(6) After all these elaborate preparations, if you find that you have no choice but to cancel the trip, you can ask for a refund provided the hunting policies permit it. Some guides do refund a part of the expenses. Others suggest a reduction in expenses for the next hunt that is booked by you. Of course, you will not get a refund regarding lodging facilities or other expenses.

(7) Some goose hunting guides do not confine their expertise only to geese. They offer their services for hunting other wildlife such as wild hogs, duck, turkey or deer. This is a double bonus for seasoned hunters when hunting seasons overlap–so they are sure to take the options offered!


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