Forex Trading Education – The Distinction Between Private Forex Education And Academic Education

If you are seeking to educate yourself about forex trading, most probably your main objective is to gain trading skills so that you are able to trade independently and to be able to create personal consistent wealth through forex trading. Most forex traders are independent traders or individuals who are trading from the comfort of their own homes and not institutional traders forex brokers who are backed with large quantities of capital by commercial organisations or sponsored by large investing funds.

The distinction between private forex education and academic education

If you are an individual private forex trader, then what you need is a practical forex trading education that will encompass the practical aspects of trading and how to make money from your trades rather than an all comprehensive education involving the historical background of forex, the intricacies of price movements or the more mundane academic statistical studies of finance and currencies. So if you are someone entering into the forex market with the intention to make money from trading forex, then look for someone or a mentor or a trading course that can allow you to learn how to trade profitably.

As a wealth creator, this is what you should look out for in planning your own forex trading education or learning plan.

“Trader, Know Thyself”

It is important for you to research your own trading profile. By this, I suggest you should consider whether you wish to be a day trader, who will be trading several times a day and whether you are able to spend time on the trading terminal, watching prices or are you better placed as a swing trader who makes a trade within days or a long term position trader who cna hold a trade for several weeks. Each type of trader trades on a different time frame, and each method of trading is different. So you will need to zero down on the type of trading you wish to learn.

Risk Profile

The second consideration is your personal risk profile. Are you an aggressive trader or a conservative trader? This is important form the aspect of forex education because you will not be able to fit into day trading forex if you are a conservative trader who is not looking for multiple trades a day. On the contrary, the aggressive trader will like to be proficient in day trading and learning how to trade as a forex day trader will be suitable for him. By knowing your own risk profile, you will be able to start in the correct direction finding a mentor or a trading course that is suitable for your own needs.

Trading Platform

What has a forex trading platform to do with your forex education? Plenty! For one, the forex trading platform must be suitable to your trading methodology. This is because you will need the trading indicators in your charting interface of your trading platform. In learning to trade, you will need a suitable trading platform that contains the trading indicators you need to implement in the trading methodology. At the same time, you will need to practise your trading strategy and to work with a demo account.

Gaining Experience in Trading

Here is one secret that can shorten your learning curve as a forex trader. Get yourself a trade simulator and practise your trading methodology repeatedly till you are consistently profitable before you trade. Practice makes perfect, and you can pick up years of experience as a forex trader within weeks on a trade simulator with a large database of price movements.

Mini Forex Trading Account

For the beginner trader, the use of a mini forex trading account will greatly reduce his risk as he puts into practise whatever he has learnt in forex trading. A mini forex trading account possesses more leverage and a trader can start to trade with very low capital, and therefore reduced risk. In that way, he can start to maintain discipline in trading without worrying too much on losing a big sum of money.

On the basis of these guidelines, it is possible for a person to craft or design an initial plan to acquire personal forex training and education so that he can become a professional or private forex trader.


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