English Bulldog Puppies – Choosing Your New Friend

Characteristics of the Breed

Sometimes people will buy English bulldog puppies on impulse because they’re cute and hard to resist. It’s important to remember, though, that this puppy is going to become an adult fairly quickly, so you want to look at the long term. If you want a dog that provides protection in the form of deterring  French bulldog under $1000 intruders, you probably won’t find that with this breed. They tend to be easy-going and friendly with everyone! For this reason, however, they can be great in homes with children. It’s important to care for their coat and skin; bulldogs can be prone to skin problems. Because of how they’re built, they can also be susceptible to some breathing problems, and they can’t swim. Knowing these details can help you make an informed decision.

The Right Breeder

It’s imperative that you find a good, reputable breeder when you’re looking for English bulldog puppies. When you visit a breeder, you have every right to inspect their home and their property. If they simply want to hand you a puppy, take your money, and rush you out the door, you’re probably dealing with a puppy mill-and you don’t want to support those kinds of operations. Ask your breeder for references, check their registration, and ask for a tour. A good breeder will be happy to accommodate you, and will also be honest with you about the pros and cons of the breed.

Caring for Your Puppy

English bulldog puppies are adorable, so of course your first inclination will be to cuddle and play with your puppy whenever you can. But you also have to remember to care for it properly! Take your new puppy to the vet for a complete checkup soon after you adopt it, and ask the vet about any health problems you should look for. Start some simple obedience training as soon as your pup gets used to you and its new environment. Starting off right can be a great way to have a long and happy relationship with your dog.

As long as you remember to look for English bulldog puppies in a responsible way and know what you’re getting into before you adopt one, you and your new puppy should be happy together for a long time.


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