Effective and Natural Liver Cleansing Remedies

Ideally, avoiding all of the toxins in our food supply and our environment would be the best way to protect and support our livers. However, with the pollutants in our environment and the constant assault on our bodies when bombarded by the standard American diet, it is virtually impossible to keep toxins at bay. But we can take matters into our own hands and ensure that there are fewer toxins in the foods we consume.

To start, minimize or if at all possible eliminate processed foods. Replace these foods with foods that are more supportive of liver and overall body function. Choose organic, locally grown produce to avoid the toxins that contaminate conventionally grown produce.

Consume beets for effective liver cleansing. They can facilitate the thinning of bile which allows it to flow more freely through the liver and into the intestines. The bile will metabolize fats and stimulate peristalsis when it reaches the small intestine.

The formation of gallstones is reduced greatly when bile flow is enhanced. By consuming beets, you can reduce and prevent the pain that is associated with gall bladder attacks.

To prepare your organic beets, steam them whole in a pot with a little bit of water. When a fork can pierce them, they are ready. Cool them down and peel the skin off. Cut them into chunks and toss them with some flaxseed oil and balsamic vinegar. For the best results, consume three mouthfuls every other day. Cooked beets will keep in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Other Protective Foods
Sulphur rich foods are effective liver cleansers. Examples are onions, eggs and garlic.

Fiber rich foods are important for many reasons 通渠 . Liver cleansing is one of them. Foods such as cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, bok choy and Brussels sprouts), apples, pears, celery, legumes, and oat bran are good examples.

To your cooking, add some cleansing spices such as turmeric, cinnamon and licorice.

Milk Thistle
Also known as silybum marianum, milk thistle is documented to have beneficial cleansing effects on the liver. A powerful antioxidant, milk thistle will protect liver tissue and keep it healthy. It can stop the penetration of toxins into the cells of the liver that are already damaged.

Castor Oil
To enhance the function of the liver, castor oil packs have been shown beneficial. In fact, a host of ailments can be treated using these soothing packs. When used topically castor oil improves immune function by increasing the production of white blood cells. It is also beneficial to the lymphatic system as it encourages the drainage of toxins through the lymph nodes.

Prepare the packs by soaking a cloth with castor oil or use a roll on castor oil directly onto the area and cover with a cloth. Once the affected area has been dressed with the pack, place a heating pad over the cloth and relax with the heating pad for a minimum of 20 minutes and a maximum of one hour.


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