Basketball Shooting Drills

Probably the most obvious thing in basketball is that if a team can’t shoot then they can’t score, and if a team can’t score then the team won’t win. This is obvious. So teams need to be able to shoot as well as possible so that they can score and win games. In order to become good shooters, players need to practice basketball shooting drills on a regular basis.

Basketball shooting drills can be practiced by players on their own. In fact, these drills should be practiced, at least for a few minutes, a couple times a week. Basketball shooting drills help a player to get the feel of how the ball should be shot properly so that more baskets will be made.

The position of a player should determine the type of basketball shooting drills that are performed. For example, a center should practice shooting drills that are close to the basket and involve starting with his/her back to the basket. Meanwhile, a guard should practice more jump shots from the outside including shots that are taken right off of the dribble.

The basketball shooting drills should be catered toward each position. That’s why a center’s drill should include starting with his/her back to the basket; that’s how a center is often asked to play. That’s also why a guard should practice jump shots off the dribble; that’s how a guard usually takes a shot during a game.

Free throws are very important so all players should practice free throw shots everyday. The ability or the inability to make free throws wins and loses many basketball games. So, every player needs to be as good at shooting free throws as possible. In fact, it’s not a bad idea for a player – especially one who gets fouled a lot – to shoot one hundred free throws a day.

A basic basketball shooting drill that will help with every shot, including free throws, is to begin shooting a couple feet from the basket. Make five shots and then back-up two steps. Then make five shots and move back another couple steps. Keep doing this until you reach the foul line. Then make five from يلا شوت  the line and repeat in the process in reverse.

This drill helps give a player a feel for making shots at different ranges. Players need to make sure they have the proper form on every single shot. If players just throw-up a shot without making sure their form is right then the drill won’t be nearly as effective.

This shooting drill can also be done while shooting with just one hand. Most of the time the shots will be taken in the dominant hand but occasionally players want to work on shooting with their off hand, that is fine as well.

are very important and should be performed by players on a regular basis. The good thing about basketball shooting drills is that they can be done by any player at any time. Many times coaches won’t set aside practice time for the shooting drills but will encourage players to go through some shooting drills either right before or right after practice.


Basketball Shooting Drills

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