Artist Bio


H. Gene Thompson is a non-binary interdisciplinary artist whose work explores and questions human connectivity through wearable fabric sculptures, holding a space that challenges social boundaries and our interactions. Morphing wearables with movement, Thompson tours nationally, performing unsettling images to distort the state of consciousness people assume is stable.

They has been the recipient of grants supporting her as resident artist at New Hazlett Theater, The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Kelly Strayhorn Pittsburgh, Laboratory Spokane WA, Charles Adams Studio Project Lubbock TX, AS220 Providence RI, Neu Kirche Contemporary Art Center, and Future Tenant Pittsburgh. BFA 2012, Carnegie Mellon University.

Thompson uses their sculptures to questions the body and its form using movement to create transformations of form and to reframe interactions of absurdity and closeness between themselves and their audience. They use audio and images collected from ethnographic and sociologic studies, exploring themes of; closeness, isolation, confining factors, such as gender, along with social and economic oppression.

Thompson has a strong foundation as a printmaker and as an artist educator. Through many different public and private institutions they have led workshops and programs focusing on social emotional learning by way of teaching multimedia skills to youth in the neighborhoods of many different cities in order to help to create connections within and across communities.



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